Ministry officials will be invited for Erzincan railway project

Ministry officials will be invited for the Erzincan railway project: Erzincan Trabzon Railway Platform SözcüMustafa Yaylalı and Şaban Bülbül said that officials from the Ministry of Transport, State Railways will be invited to Trabzon to inform the final status of the Erzincan Railway Project. Erzincan Trabzon Railway Platform Sözcüs Saban Nightingale recently said that a meeting held with the platform components, "Recent current events in the evaluation meeting held in light soon be discussed with the Ministry of Transport officials from the State Railways to learn the full content of the project took the decision. We will invite them to Trabzon next week. We will also receive information from the relevant authorities regarding the route of the project and the current situation. After that, we will explain the necessary information to the public as a platform. The General Assembly will convene in this context in the coming days. Authorities will be invited to Trabzon to write a post on Tuesday. We'il have a conversation here. What he prepared in the tender stage. Trabzon was also recently dull. The project prepared for the tender will be informed about the state of Erzincan Torul, Torul Trabzon Torul Tirebolu railway projects. We are in the second stage. The railway was no longer needed projects of the railway. According to him will learn the content of the project will determine the road map, '' he said.


Son We will invite officials from the Ministry of Transport to get information about this final version of the project. Our TTSO President Sat Hacısalihoğlu talks about this. The Ministry of Transport will come next week or next week. We'il do a consultation together. Within this, the investment island and logistics center issues will be evaluated together with the links of the railway. After the meeting, we will hold a large meeting of the railway platform. We will consult on the investment island and logistics center connections of the finished project. The final stage will be discussed at the broad platform of the railway platform. Son


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 13:43

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