Mars Logistics Continues the Road with Otokar Huckepack Semi Trailer

Mars Logistics road Otokar Huckepack continues with semi-trailers: Otokar, Turkey, one of the largest logistics company Mars Logistics to 220 Otokar-Fruehauf Mega Euroslid is Huckepack made the semi-trailer deliveries. Press on delivery sohbet meeting was held on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 in Istanbul with the participation of company officials.

Otokar, one of the Koç Group companies, delivered 220 of the Otokar-Fruehauf Mega Euroslider Huckepack semi-trailers, which is the semi-trailer model preferred in international transportation and Intermodal transportation, to Mars Logistics. Otokar, which is the reference of the trailer sector with its R&D studies, quality and expertise, is a press about high-volume delivery. sohbet held the meeting. Mars Logistics Fleet Management General Manager Alper Bilgili, Road and Railway Transportation General Manager Ali Tulgar, Purchasing and Administrative Affairs Manager Şevket Erkan Şar, Operation and Maintenance and Repair Manager İsmail Alkan and Domestic Market Commercial Vehicles Sales Manager Murat Tokatlı from Otokar, Trailer Sales Unit Manager Murat Özsoy and Regional Sales Manager Ümit Shanghaiüder attended.

Speaking at the meeting, Otokar Domestic Market Sales Manager Mr. Murat Tokatlı stated that they are very happy that one of the biggest companies of the sector and one of the best reference companies such as Mars Logistics has chosen Otokar for their new logistics investment. Tok again, we are proud to continue with Otokar in the fleet investments in intermodal transportation. It is also pleasing for us to continue our ongoing cooperation with Mars Logistics. As Otokar, we attach great importance to R & D. We develop our tools to meet the needs and expectations of our customers at the highest level and we do not compromise on quality in any way. We made long-term R & D studies about huckepack vehicles delivered. We tested our vehicles in internationally recognized test centers. The trailer sector is very important for us. Our users prefer us for our expertise and knowledge in the trailer industry. Especially with the deliveries we made this year, we have further strengthened our position in the sector. Yap In his speech, Mr. Tokatlı also evaluated the first 4 bear and stated that they have achieved near-70 growth compared to the same period of last year. Murat Tokatlı concluded his speech with the following words: e I hope that the new vehicles will be beneficial to Mars Logistics and hope that our cooperation will continue for many years Murat.

Speaking at the meeting, Mars Logistics General Manager of Fleet Management Alper Bilgili stated that, Mars Logistics, highway, airway, maritime and railway transportation, trade fair and event logistics, project transportation, intermodel transportation, customs clearance, insurance, storage and all other logistics services are presented to the is a corporate logistics company that has brought numerous innovations. We are an organized company with full service policy with over a thousand professional employees, fully equipped infrastructure and perfect communication network. We prefer the most accurate tools for our purchases using our expertise. Otokar is an expert company in the field of trailers as in every field it operates. Otokar's long-standing experience, superior engineering, after-sales services and the special superstructure of the vehicles are the most important reasons for choosing these vehicles. Ot

Otokar-Fruehauf Mega Euroslider Huckepack Semi-Trailer

With the semi-trailer transportation model preferred in international transportation and intermodal transportation, road, rail and seaway are used in a mixed way, and the load in the towed semi-trailer can be easily transported from one point to another in the transportation corridors without being unloaded. Intermodal transport, speed to transport kazanHowever, it also creates an advantage in environmental pollution. By integrating the combination of railway and seaway into road transport, a significant reduction in the emission of exhaust emissions can be achieved. For this reason, especially in the European Union, important supports and prohibitions are created for the adoption of this transportation.

Otokar-Fruehauf Mega Euroslider Huckepack Semi-Trailer vehicles have the features of Mega Semi-Trailers according to the international logistics standards, and additionally their superstructures have received the Load Safety Certificate according to EN 12642 CODE XL standards. This feature means that the transported load is transported more safely; It allows the load to be distributed at the moments of accident and minimum damage to the environment and load. The vehicles can be loaded with special cranes for Huckepack and special trains in P 400 CODE e / f / g / i codes due to their different axle characteristics. Otokar-Fruehauf Mega Euroslider Huckepack Semi-Trailer vehicles are preferred by Mars Logistics to buy new vehicles with these special superstructures that can resist the high speeds reached in trains.

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