Marmaray Tunnel Ventilation System

asrin project marmaray guzyolui
asrin project marmaray guzyolui

We talked with Şemsettin Işıl, the Founding Board Member of Rota Teknik, which manufactures turnkey machinery / apparatus and test systems, as well as the projects of the tunnel ventilation system project in Marmaray.

Rota Technical Inc. 1998 set out as an engineering and sales organization for a total of seven people. Today, 12 is a mechanical engineer, 3 is an electrical and electronic engineer and 47 has a dynamic team and 30's engineering knowledge and experience is provided by its founders.

Could you tell us about the structuring of your company?

Rota Technical Inc. is an engineering, manufacturing and contracting company working on drive and control systems. It is also the main dealer and system integrator of the world-renowned Bosch Rexroth brand. Together with Bosch Rexroth we offer the best and widest program in the drive and control field. The strength and innovation of the Bosch and Rexroth brands, which we have been with since our establishment, has a significant share in this success and development as well as our own engineering experience and experience. In addition to our headquarters in Karakoy, Istanbul, where we have been expanding since our establishment, we have two separate production areas, one for Europe and the other on the Asian side. production of apparatus and test systems.

Which range of products are available for hydraulic and pneumatic?

Rota Technical Inc. Bosch Rexroth Group is the main distributor of hydraulic, pneumatic; electric drive and control technology under the name of project design, design, mass production, material sales and spare parts / service, such as the production of the complete service, at the same time the nation's most widespread sales and service organization in the industry are doing power together.

Which companies do you have business partnerships with?

issues abroad leading companies of Turkey General Distributor and Dealer Area Home Routes with the capacity of Technical Inc. as the brands represented by hydraulic, pneumatic, electric drive and control, linear motion and assembly technologies in Bosch Rexroth; German Rötelmann on high pressure ball valves; German Hydrotechnik for pressure, flow measurement systems; shock absorbers in British Enertrols; Austrian ASA in hydraulic oil coolers; German R + L on coupling and drums; In the field of hydraulic fitings, Italian Larga companies offer all technical services and support with stock sales and spare parts.

Can we get more information about your current projects?

Rota Teknik A.S. Ş., we took part in many projects within the framework of industry / university cooperation, as well as all the sectors and sub-branches that we have created and serve in numerous successful projects, and we continue to do so. All the hydraulic and pneumatic systems of the iron and steel production plant in Iran and the aluminum plate producing factory in Egypt, one of our recent important works, were completely designed, manufactured and successfully commissioned by our own engineering team. Finally, we realized the tunnel ventilation system project in the Marmaray Project. We worked with the main contractor Japanese TAISEI and Turkish Anel Group in the Marmaray Project. The design, projecting, manufacturing and implementation of the Tunnel Ventilation Electropneumatic Control System project was completely carried out by us.

What are the features in this system?

Üsküdar is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and Yenikapı and Sirkeci are on the European side. In the project, which was opened on October 29, 2013, the Marmaray tunnel section consists of three stations for now. Apart from these three stations, there are also three ventilation buildings. As the train moves rapidly through the tunnel, it compresses the air in the front and creates a vacuum at the rear. For this reason, in the project, there are large-sized pneumatically driven covers that take in the outside air or give out the inside air when needed. Each of them can be opened and closed completely in case of need, like a blinds in slices. In addition, these covers can also be used in the event of a fire to prevent the growth of the fire by cutting the oxygen and to evacuate the smoke. In the project, pneumatically driven actuators were used that move each blinds fins. Electropneumatically controlled directional control valves, pneumatic air preparers for each of these valve groups, as well as local electric and pneumatic control panels that enable all stations to work in conjunction with each other and are included in the automation system were added to each actuator. Transmission lines, pipes, fittings, design, project and workmanship were other complementary elements.

What stage is your project called Hydraulic Driven Earthquake Simulator?

The bir Hydraulic Driven Earthquake Simulator ıy which we realized together with ITU is seen as a practice which has become much media. A system of this size is only found in Japan. This project was fully realized with our own engineering knowledge.

What other projects do you have?

Recently, we produced hydraulic power systems of machines for push pull testing of wagons in Adapazarı. We have recently realized a road simulator in Adapazarı Tırsan. This test machine works without stopping to simulate the road conditions. Thus, instead of driving the vehicles on dangerous roads for months, we have introduced a machine that simulates the road with servo cylinders and can be programmed according to the demands. In another project, we commissioned hydraulic drive systems of a funfair in the UK. In recent months, all service software of Arçelik tea and coffee machines were made by us.

Another important project is the 3m 500 thousand 328m, for Alarko's thermal power plant in Algeria. tall and 4, m. 8m. on the land of the Cooling Water Discharge Line. starting from depth, pushing the open sea under water is the hydraulic drive system. The only reason for this solution in the business was to deliver the cooling water used in the plant to the open, not to the shore due to ecological criteria. We have also sent these large diameter pipes away from the land by means of a hydraulic hole. Our test and automation department installs different purpose test systems to research laboratories in all sectors, especially the automotive industry. As is well known automotive sector in Turkey is undergoing a transformation. In the past, the sector, which serves only as the assembly industry, has started to give more importance to design and R & D activities to develop products with its own supplier industry. In order to simulate the road conditions of the designed prototype products, Rota Teknik A.Ş. We are working life and resistance testing systems for the automotive companies we work with.

In your opinion, what is the development of the hydraulic and pneumatic sector in our country?

Our sector, which started with the use of aircraft scrap in the 1970 years and then started with small domestic manufacturing trials, has now started series production in both domestic and foreign capital with the participation of international organizations in certain areas. In our country, the availability of all world brands including Far East has increased with the undeniable attractiveness of imports, especially in recent years.

What is the biggest problem for you in the hydraulic and pneumatic industry?

The most important problem of our sector is supply and demand imbalance. Today, domestic producers are experiencing the problems of over-supply due to cheap price policies originating from abroad. Poor quality and cheap imports have a very negative impact on the development of our sector. According to the estimations made and AKDER's partial statistical studies, approximately 400 million euros in the sector business volume, large and small in the sector is realized approximately 750 company. These figures cause the competition to be concentrated in price and lead to unfair competition in the market. The shortage of qualified personnel is another important problem of our sector. In this respect, our sector produces joint solutions with the help and support of academic institutions and started to implement various projects step by step under the leadership of AKDER.

What kind of solutions do you need for these problems?

I hope that these problems will be surmounted in the medium term, if not immediately. The national congresses, which we organize for our sector, should aim to effectively communicate with the sectoral media and AKDER. In addition, as all companies in the sector, we have to ensure continuous development in the long term such as investment planning, marketing strategies, human and financial resources.

This is also very important for our national interests. Domestic manufacturers also have to make better quality and qualified production. Companies with mass production capabilities need to give more weight to exports, create new markets in the country and abroad, transfer the latest technological developments to users and encourage hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Increasing the limited state aid and incentives existing in sectoral investments will minimize the problems and move our sector to the place it deserves.

Is there any investment you have made in the last period?

As a new product, ”Hydraulic Measuring Systems” is our newest product and business area which has been increasing its usage recently. Hydraulic pumps, which are considered the heart of hydraulic systems, always fall into the first suspicious equipment class in any failure of the system. In small-scale hydraulic systems, dismantling, control and testing of the pumps due to the determination of the measured values ​​of the pumps is easy, but in large scale systems and mobile applications, the dismantling of the pumps on the machine with the same purpose causes great time, work and production losses. At this point, “Hydrotechnik Measuring Systems satış, which is a new product that we started to offer sales and service, is a very important benefit. Combined with a special bag that provides effective protection against shocks, this system consists of three basic components: the sensor, the data transmission cable and the measuring device. This device is used for measuring the flow rate, pressure, temperature, speed and pollution, which can be sampled from 1 kHz to 10 kHz in the field of machinery and hydraulic systems. This measurement is carried out with the analog and digital signals produced by the sensors from the internal battery powered meter without the need for external external power supply. In short, they provide a algı Hydraulic Check-up-service that detects and records the probabilities of failure through pre-measurement.

This device, which is very necessary especially for the maintenance teams of the enterprises, is very important and provides great benefit in order to follow the efficiency of the pumps and even the other circuit elements in the programmed stops, as well as the failure in unscheduled breakdown stops. On the other hand, this method is also very useful for the companies that provide work machinery service, especially in the controls where the pump in the field is connected without disassembling. The visual presentations of all measurements are presented in the form of a PQ diagram to the user with the graphs given in the vehicle catalog, providing the practitioners with a separate quality and prestige.

Can you tell us about your future projects and future goals?

Rota Technical Inc. While we continue our growth rapidly, we show the same diligence with the understanding of ”Holistic Quality ağ and the awareness that quality cannot be left to coincidence. In line with these objectives, we have planned to move the center of our workplace to a more modern and large area on the Anatolian side and to our own building. At the same time, we are aiming to combine our production sites that are still serving on two separate sides under one roof.

What kind of training do you have?

Rota Technical Inc. Our training department continues its activities without interruption in hydraulic, pneumatic and automation training services. It continues to provide technical staff trained in our industry by organizing both periodical and periy Practical Training Seminars hem on erek Hydraulic and Pneumatics Seminer in various educational institutions and industrial organizations in the country.

The training services offered are programmed and developed continuously in line with the needs and demands of industrial organizations and individuals in every sector. These training programs, which are developed with the flexibility of working programs and working systems of the enterprises, create very useful results especially because of bil Machine-Based and Applied en feature.

Our organization also carries out important activities in academic and social fields. The first book in the preparation of hydraulic and pneumatic engineering level in Turkey is still my partner and our collaboration with our Engineering Director Fatih Ozcan. At the same time, Fatih Bey has taken part as lecturer in the courses related to our field at ITU until the last years. A similar study was also carried out in the leadership of MMO and AKDER together with the preparation of two books on hydraulics and pneumatics. We continue our academic studies in a variety of fields such as the provision of hydraulic and pneumatic trainings both in universities and vocational high schools, in the form of enterprises, the support of technical and scientific organizations, the promotion of innovations and developments through technical articles in the sectoral technical publications. In recent years, we took part in the Education Committee established within the body of AKDER and took important roles in the formation of National Fluid Power Training Center (UAGEM). In addition to these, we also share all the scientific studies we make with our interested people on our website and in technical publications.


He was born in 1958 in Istanbul. In 1980, he graduated from Istanbul Technical University as a mechanical engineer. He then attended the graduate program of Industrial Engineering in the same university. She worked in the fields of project and system design, technical service and training in the hydraulic and pneumatic sectors where she started with her undergraduate degree. He has managed numerous projects in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics and automation, especially in Turkey and abroad. The first and only professional organization of the sector is the AKLIK Association of Fluid Power Association (AKDER) III. Chairman of the Board of Directors. He served as the chairman, vice chairman and a member of the board at the ”National Hydraulic and Pneumatics Congress-HPKON yönetim organized by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. Şemsettin Işıl is currently working as a Founding Member of the Board of Directors at Rota Technical Inc.

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