Denizli Izmir Railway will be faster with double lines

maritime izmir railway
maritime izmir railway

Denizli-İzmir railway will be faster with double track: TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Selim Koçbay stated that Denizli-İzmir Railway will be made double-line and said, “There are 267 level crossings between Denizli and İzmir. Trains cannot reach high speed. We will solve this problem by removing the route on a double line. ” It was stated that only high-speed trains would operate on the new line.

Third Regional Manager Selim Koçbay, who came to Denizli from Izmir to see some of the works of TCDD on the spot, emphasized that despite the high-speed trains serving on the 3 km Denizli-İzmir Railway line, he could not go to high speed. Koçbay said, “There are 244 level crossings on the Denizli-İzmir line. So while the trains should reach 267 square kilometers per hour, they travel at a much lower speed. We have developed a project to solve this problem. According to our project, the Denizli-İzmir Railway line will become a double line. The new line will use the high-speed train. The distance between Denizli and Izmir will also be shortened. We think that this project will be included in the 140 investment program. The tender is done as soon as possible and the work begins. ”


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