Malazgirtte highways workers made a press release

Malazgirtte highways workers made a press release: Malazgirt district workers in the Highways Directorate of the 116 Branch, the contractor of the subcontracting firm made a press statement to dismiss them.
İbrahim Çaydaş, the representative of the workplace, who read the statement on behalf of the workers who gathered in front of the chiefsman, said that the people working in the highways for years had been abandoned to the mercy of the contractors.
Çaytaş stated that despite the court decision of subcontractor workers working on highways, they were once again victimized, he said:
“Those who have been working under the Highways for years were left at the mercy of the contractor. The contractor also left the workers at the mercy of a sub-firm. We could not make our voice heard by the regional deputies and they did not want to hear us. Despite the court's decision and the Supreme Court's approval, the Minister of Labor and Social Security still applies the tactics of distraction. Our desire is not to add wealth to our current wealth. It is to live fairly, equally and humanely. I hope anyone heard this scream.

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