Malatians waiting for the President to fulfill his promises

Malatya residents expect the Mayor to fulfill their promises: Malatya's new residential area Fahri Kayahan, Çilesiz and Karakavak neighborhood residents are waiting for the asphalt work promised in the election from Yesilyurt Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat.
The residents of the district stated that they expect the asphalt works promised by President Hacı Uğur Polat to be started as soon as possible before the elections and said, “We have spent the winter on muddy roads in the dust for about 2 years in our region. "We want Polat to keep his promise to the residents of the site before the election."
In our study in the aforementioned spaces, there is no street and street lighting, the inhabitants ız Our streets are full of holes. We'il have a hard time writing this. We expect asphalt, As he said.



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