Working time action from luxury transporters

Working time action from the luxury transporters: The members of the Association of Luxury Transporters (LÜDER) acted on the grounds that the working times of their vehicles were reduced.
“We believe that IMM will make a decision that suits Istanbul” on the windshields of the members of the association gathered in Necip Fazil Boulevard in Umraniye Yukari Dudullu. The bridge, the 3rd airport and the UKOME decision, which does not suit the vision of Marmaray, opened a banner saying, "IMM changed four decisions in a year, luxury transport vehicles were left to decay" by hanging the currencies.
General Secretary Gultekin Borekci, in his press release here, reacted to the situation, stating that the working times put into the vehicles were reduced.
Börekçi said that the luxury transportation sector, which was established with the legal permission of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which produces modern, high quality, fast and safe solutions in transportation, adds a different value to city life.
Börekçi, relying on the state and the authorities and stating that they entered the transportation sector with luxury vehicles of 80 to 160 thousand liras and which are required to be at least 25, “By using loans from banks over the total value of these luxury vehicles we bought, some of them have been invested as a result of our savings for many years. we did. Vehicles with a working condition of at least 5 years were given a period of 1 year for reasons we could not understand. Our period is about to expire as of May. As a victim, we have now pulled our vehicles to the parks. ”
Mr Börekçi stated that the issue of working time caused significant victimization, he said:
“With 12 companies investing in this project, 332 vehicles, thousand personnel and operating costs, we have come under a huge debt burden with a huge investment cost of up to 70 million liras. Some of our firms are in serious victimization because they have been unable to work and their licenses have been canceled due to changes in UKOME regulations. ”
Bökerçi, who argued that they had not applied a solution to their problems despite the fact that they had applied many times before, said that the UKOME decisions should be changed.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 13:13

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