Logistics Sector 81 Day

Logistics Sector 81 Day to Day: 81 will remain closed for the day, the Ankara direction of the TEM Motorway, began to adversely affect the logistics sector from the first day. In the Gebze toll booth, 10's vehicle tail, which has reached to a mileage, brought logistics operations to a halt. Gebze-long area between the Gulf that will take months of work 2, is the largest bases in Turkey for the logistics industry.
Since superstructure improvement works will be carried out in the part of TEM Highway between Gebze and Körfez, this road will be closed for 81 days. On the first day of work, long vehicle queues were formed at the TEM Highway Gebze toll booth, reaching 10 kilometers. which is among the most intense in the Gulf of Gebze-Istanbul and Turkey's logistical operations this situation, the logistics industry has begun to affect negatively the first day of work.
Batum makes assessments about the topic Logistics Chairman of the Board Taner Ankara, the logistics in Turkey that carried out the highway of 90%, the most important part of this network and in Gebze, one of the centers is causing the swelling first day in the sector of this work, he said.
Ankara also said that the road works took place in 24 hours, and even in normal times, transportation vehicles can work at certain hours due to walking prohibitions. He said that the current situation created long vehicle queues and the operations started to be delayed due to traffic. Indicating that the prohibition of walking in this period of special arrangements or the studies to be done only at night may be effective, indicating that a little Taner Ankara, such studies in the logistics industry in this way can disrupt the flow and affect the flow of supply chains, he said.
Taner Ankara, a country surrounded by the sea on four sides of the roadway to the sector reflected in the reflection of this amount is due to the wrong investments in the basic said.



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