Kanuni Boulevard Construction Works

The Construction of the Kanuni Boulevard: The construction of the tunnel, which is being built within the scope of the Kanuni Boulevard, is rapidly progressing.
Construction of Boztepe, Beşirli and Yildiz tunnels will continue quickly while Bahçecik Tunnel construction will be started in 1 months.
Tunnel construction of Boztepe Tunnel construction continues while the tunneling works are going on, while 3 is going to arrive at 3. He says he's in the neighborhood.
Çolak reminiscent about two 50 meters in the construction of two tunnels. Drilling operations, which run up to about 650 meters per day, are scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. While the work is going to be continuous, Esentepe Mahallesi will be the starting point of the tunnel. Here, the project will be about 50 meters in height. It will also be located on pedestrian sidewalks in two tunnels. In addition, the construction of Bahçecik Tunnel will start in the 3 month. Here, expropriation work has come to an end. Burada



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