Leave your friends to die

They left their friends to die: the secrets over Hüseyin T. 4 taken into custody on suspicion Hüseyin T. suspected cable theft in Adapazari high-speed train line, said he died flowing. It was learned that the suspects panicked after the incident and said they threw the corpse into the wooded area of ​​Şile. Police found the remains of the corpse from the body of the search of the suspects.

Arriving at the police station in Tuzla on 26 March, İnci T. filed a disappearance application, stating that she could not hear from her husband Hüseyin T. Investigating the application, the Office of Missing Persons (KŞB) detectives launched an investigation into the incident. In the investigation, it was determined that Hüseyin T. had last gone to Adapazarı Pamukova with his 4 friends. Upon this, 4 friends EK, GY, FA and SY of Hüseyin Temizel were detained.


EK and GY, who were taken into custody, stated that they were together with Hüseyin T. before they went to the cable theft. Ğ We went to Pamukova by high speed train line. We cut the wires with the 3 meter scissors. We were selling these to the scrap dealer. On that day, two people were watching. Hüseyin held one arm of the scissors while the other held the other arm. Huseyin told us that there was no electric current. But even the current. When we cut the cable, three of us were hit by electricity. Hussein died there. H

Leaving the body at the scene, the suspects said they had escaped and then returned and told them that they had taken the body. The suspects said they threw the corpse into the woodland in Sile because they didn't know what to do. A human bone fragments were found in the search of the suspects. It was learned that the bone fragments belong to Hüseyin T. or not, after DNA analysis will be made.

The suspects were sent to the court. It was learned that the investigation was continuing.




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