Last train times in Ankara Metro lines changed

The last train times of Ankara metro lines have changed: Metro transportation times in the capital have been brought forward one hour due to the “signaling arrangement”.
Approximately 300 thousand university students in the city where there is criticism of the lack of access to the night, the transportation of one hour further withdrawal caused the debate.

According to the regulation, the 12 will be lasting at 23.00. While the flights in this direction ended in 00.20, the subway flights in the direction of Batıkent - Kızılay, which ended at 23.30, were taken to 22.30.


Along with the change, voyages at the newly opened stops have been retracted about 1.5 to 2 hours. As a result of the arrangements made, the modified timetables were as follows:

OSB / Törekent - Batıkent Station from 22.00 (Formerly 23.00)

Batıkent - OSB / Törekent Station from 23.00 (Formerly 00.00)

From Batıkent - Kızılay Station to 22.30 (Formerly 00.10 --du)

Kizilay - Batikent Station from 23.00 (Formerly 00.20)

Koru - Red Crescent Station 22.30 (Formerly 23.30 Kdu)

Kizilay - Koru Station from 23.00. (Formerly 00.10)


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement:

N Due to the integration works of signaling systems in Ankara Metro lines, 12 has made a new arrangement on the last departure hours of trains starting from May Monday.

Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate said that in order to ensure a fast and comfortable train operation without passengers, integration works will be done on signaling systems in Ankara Metro lines.

Stating that the new arrangements have been made in the last departure hours of the trains since Monday, May 12, the officials said, “Our passengers who will come from AŞTİ and Dikimevi (Ankaray) should pay attention to the last train departure hours”.

However, it was understood that the signaling systems of the newly opened metros have not been done yet.

The lack of a vital system for subway and scissor changes suggested that the government wanted to open the subways immediately before the elections.

Along with the statement, it was stated that there would be no signaling system until the end of the year in Ankara subway. This situation led to the 2004 train crash which led to the death of 41 in Pamukova due to lack of signaling in XNUMX.

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