Last day for Derince Port

Last day for Derince Port: TCDD Derince Port's bidding period is ending today.

In the process of privatization of TCDD Derince Port for 39 years with the "granting of operating right" method, the bidding period will end today.

Turkish and foreign legal entities and joint venture groups will be able to participate in the tender, with a provisional bond of $ 25 million. Mutual funds can only be included in the tender by being included in the joint venture group. The Joint Venture Group will not consist only of mutual funds. Located in the east of Marmara Sea and northeast of Izmit Bay, which is a natural port, Derince Port is one of the most important import and export gates for Izmit industrial areas and Istanbul and Bursa, which are seen as the center of exports.

Derince Port is one of the most important freight ports in the country in terms of foreign trade strategy in terms of foreign trade strategy. Geographical location, operational potential and planned capacity is one of Turkey's most strategic ports Derince port is scheduled to continue to serve as one of Turkey's largest container port in the future.

One of the most important automotive products handlers

Derince Port has approximately 396 thousand 382 square meters of existing port land area and 312 thousand 837 square meters of sea surface area. The customer portfolio served by Derince Port is generally listed as container, bulk and general cargo ships, as well as fuel-laden and multi-purpose tankers. In recent years, the export of soda ash and soda products processed by extraction has accelerated in Turkey. kazanSoda took the first place as the product group handled the most in Derince Port.

Located in the center of the automotive and automotive supply industry, Derince Port, besides Soda, has become one of the most important automotive products handlers in the region by making good use of this geographical advantage. The port serves about 200 ships each year. Last year, approximately 1,4 million tons of loading and approximately 0,9 million tons of evacuation were carried out at the port. Approximately 77 percent of the ships served by its port consist of foreign cargo ships.

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