On the way to perfection: Otokar, which established the first ISO 10002 certified services in commercial vehicles, directs the feedback from its customers to R&D and engineering studies. Otokar thus produces vehicles to the satisfaction of the manufacturer.
OTOKAR has added a new one to its projects that develop its after-sales service strategies and raise the level of service standards in its sector. Otokar is the After-sales Service Department under the umbrella of Customer Satisfaction team in November xnumx't began "ISO 2013 Customer Satisfaction Management System Project" Otokar authorized service was document the area first authorized commercial vehicle service in Turkey. With the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Project, Otokar aims to increase the service quality of Otokar authorized services and to increase the satisfaction of Otokar users. The first fruits of the work carried out in the eight authorized service outlets in Istanbul have already started to gather and long-term goals, Turkey to create the same standards in all authorized service points and to accelerate the momentum of development.
Although the project, which is the customer satisfaction of the primary target, does not carry any measurable material value, Otokar examines customer feedback to the finest detail and provides significant data and contribution to engineering studies and R & D. The results obtained in a metropolis like Istanbul parallel project will be spread all over Turkey and will be evaluated and rice are also collected here.
2006 10002 practices in Turkey started in the ISO Customer Satisfaction Management System and the adoption of automotive standards especially in terms of the commercial vehicle sector, indicating that the system quite a difficult Otokar Customer Relations Unit Manager Ergüder Gurel; “Otokar did not break the tradition of signing the firsts of our country. Otokar authorized services became the first commercial vehicle services that received ISO 10002 certification in the field of commercial vehicles. We are proud to achieve this success with our project. In the system, which aims to provide unconditional customer satisfaction, customer feedback must be finalized by authorized services and factory side. As Otokar, our primary goal in our efforts to establish the standards required by the system was to initiate a mentality change at our authorized service points. When we achieve this, it is possible to ensure that vehicles that fall outside the scope of warranty continue to prefer Otokar Authorized Service Center with an increase in customer satisfaction. We believe that the demand for our authorized services increases as the customer approach changes and our users realize it. In short, our primary objective is to contribute to the reaffirmation of our authorized services before customers ”. Gurel; “As Otokar, we believe that we will increase our brand awareness and strengthen our brand perception thanks to our customers' expectation to increase the quality of the service they receive at each service point, as well as our customer satisfaction.”
Otokar After Sales Services Group Unit Manager, Oğuz Do Ruk reminded that the project was first implemented in Istanbul in order to increase customer satisfaction and improve the customer satisfaction processes of the services. We tried to instill the awareness of customer satisfaction. Then we took our services to monitor this service in order to reflect this awareness to the customer. Olarak that they measure the services they are coming intended NOK foal in accordance with the criteria specified under evaluation Doruk, 100 this project across Turkey started to gather fruits Otokar next year to spread the dealer also touched they will continue to work.
Otokar Customer Relations Unit Manager Argüder Gürel and After Sales Services Group Unit Manager Oğuz Doruk carried customer satisfaction to a higher level with this work. Now, eyes on the results ...



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