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Küre Ropeway Line Dismounted: In the Küre district of Kastamonu, the cable car line that was built for 1988 million dollars in 5 for only two years can be used to transport the copper from the mountains to the port of Inebolu by Eti Bakır A.Ş.

About the 5 kilometer ropeway constructed by Küre Eti Bakır A.Ş. The facilities, which were commissioned by the German PWAS company to carry the copper mines from the Küre mine to Inebolu Port and which started to operate in 22, cost 24 billion liras for today's money. The foundation was laid down in 1988, on the grounds that it was inefficient a year after its completion in 103. The 1984 shipping bucket of the cable car line, which is planned to be shipped with 1988 tonnes for each, has been suspended in the air since 1,5. After two years of use, the cable car line, which was closed due to inefficiency, remained idle. It was stated that the cable car line of Eti Bakır A.Ş, which is within the scope of privatization, was a product error product and it could not be removed because of its high cost.

The cable car which was established to carry the copper, which was removed from the mines at the time of Küre Eti Bakır Tesisleri, to the Küre Mountains with its forest and rugged terrain, runs along the 1988 kilometers from villages, trees and highways through the port of Eti Bakır. One of the most important features of the ropeway to reduce the cost was that it was designed to work with zero energy. The weight of the cabins filled with the copper from above, again pulled up the booths vacated in Inebolu Port. However, the cable car used for two years was suspended in the air when it was decided to transport the mine again with the truck.


In 1988, the Küre cable car line, which was established in 103 billion liras, could be operated for two years due to geographical conditions and weather conditions. Disassembling of the 22 kilometer-long cable car line, which was in the state of emergency, was begun with the decision taken by Küre Eti Bakır AŞ. The 22 kilometer ropeway, which carries the copper mine from Küre to Inebolu Port, was decided to be dismantled by a sudden decision taken by the company behind the disaster in Soma district of Manisa. Since the 1994, the operation of the cable car could not be performed and the operation of the cable car line will be dismantled by the Ankara Aydın Recycling company said. The dismantling of the cable car line will start from the premises of the company located in İnebolu Port. In addition to the air line, the loading and unloading plant will be removed. In return for the dismantling process, Aydın Recycling company, Küre Eti Bakır A.Ş and the waste material from the cable car line will receive some money. The construction of the 3 cable car line is expected to be completed within 3,5 months.

On the other hand, the privatization process of Inebolu Port was initiated by the Privatization Administration. It is aimed to make some arrangements in the port and unload the area by removing the loading belts with the unloading units and the end of the cable car line.

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