Konya, CNG engines find more advantage with Allison transmission equipment

Konya, CNG engines are more advantageous with the Allison transmission equipment: Konya Metropolitan Municipality decreases the emissions and fuel costs with its 60 allison transmission equipped TCV Carat CNG buses with the purpose of providing improved performance and more efficient public transportation services.
200.000 people per day that take advantage of public transportation buses, Turkey's facial measurements as the largest province of Konya, reduce fuel costs and emissions serving with Allison transmission-equipped CNG buses TCV carat. With the satisfaction of Allison transmissions of thirty Otokar Doruk buses, which were received in 2011, Konya Metropolitan Municipality preferred to have new buses equipped with Allison automatic transmission to use more modern, economical and environment friendly technologies.
The power unit in the TCV Karat 12 meter buses has MAN's 206kW compressed natural gas (CNG) engine and the Allison T310R fully automatic transmission. Allison automatic transmissions improve the performance of CNG engines and reduce maintenance costs thanks to long maintenance intervals. In addition, the longer maintenance intervals, the tool remains to work in terms of benefits.
TCV CNG Karat stated that local administrations meet both productivity and savings expectations in the best way. Bozankaya Inc. General Manager Aytunç Günay said; “On our CNG buses, we take advantage of Allison's Uninterruptible Power Technology ™. Allison torque converter technology supports CNG engines by increasing torque during vehicle acceleration and transferring power to the wheels smoothly. ”
Mustafa Eşgi, Head of Transportation Planning and Rail System Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they have been using Allison transmission-equipped buses for four years and that nearly one fifth of their fleets are equipped with Allison transmission. Or We have been using our Allison fully automatic transmission TCV Carat CNG buses for a few months now and we are very pleased with the efficiency, low maintenance costs, the convenience of our drivers, the comfort of our passengers, “he says.
Total carat 60 TCV new CNG buses with CNG buses in Turkey is nearly 2300 car park. Within the scope of the tender, Konya Metropolitan Municipality introduced a natural gas filling station for 100 vehicles for filling the buses. This is combined with the number of stations across Turkey, including seven CNG stations open to public use is rising in xnumx'y.

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