Kelkit Road Danger

Kelkit Road Danger: Saadet Party (SP) Gumushane Province Attorney Akın Demir, said the Gümüşhane-Erzincan highway returned to the mole, stating that the road works here returned to crushing and torment, he said.
Demir, praising the split road works from Köstere to Gümüşhane, said that this road and the ring road project will contribute to the development as well as adding a beauty to Gümüşhane, and he said that it is a pleasure to see such important projects progressing rapidly.
In spite of all these beauties, Demir started after the Akçakale village and continued on the road of Kelkit and Bayburt. It is a sad and thought provoking situation in the same speed and effort. with crushing and torment. A road construction work that we are uncomfortable with every time you pass because of the disturbance of road safety and service road crossings. Road safety and safety of workers must be ensured in road construction. The active Gümüşhane-Erzincan road between the Kelkit District and the Büyükpınar District turned into a mole field. You can't know what to go by the road. When you try to escape from the potholes and potholes, you are constantly at risk because of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction. Until this date does not mean that there will be no sad event in this way. The measure is not a mania. It is only a requirement of responsible behavior. First of all, human life should be prioritized and life safety of both workers and road users should be ensured. Believing that all our managers will share this sensitivity, we would like to invite all our managers, especially the contractor who built the road between Kelkit and Ünlüpınar district, ac he said.



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