Beginning asphalt

Start of asphalt pavement in Kecioren: Keçiören Municipality has started the renovation of asphalt and roads which deteriorated in winter with the warming of the weather.

The city of Kecioren, which attaches great importance to the aesthetics of the city, completed the asphalt pavement work in Ayvalı Mahallesi Pelityaprağı Street, and started the asphalt pavement in the Ayvalı District Güldikeni Street. 944. On the street, the municipality teams completed the road improvement works and started the road expansion work in Atapark Neighborhood Hakim Street. In addition, Pınarbaşı Quarter 4. Street work on the street also continues to work.


Emphasizing that Keçiören is a fast growing district, Keçiören Mayor Mustafa Ak said, “Infrastructure works in the development process of a city and a region are very important. It is not possible to talk about a healthy urbanization in a city where the infrastructure is insufficient. Considering this development and growth, we, as Keçiören Municipality, give priority to infrastructure services. Our goal is to minimize infrastructure problems in Keçiören. ”
Turkey's largest district Kecioren of 3 more than a thousand street and Chairman pointed out that a very large metropolis with streets Aka, recalling past years of accumulation with the county experienced a serious asphalt shortage, "many of asphalt in a serious deterioration in the general Kecioren to have occurred, this problem, which was intended to be eliminated only by patchwork, had reached the extreme level in recent years. When we came to office in the expectation survey, we see that the most important need of the people of Kecioren was the lack of infrastructure, including asphalt. Taking this into consideration, we have initiated a large asphalt campaign and have laid out 1 million 556 thousand 720 tons of asphalt in the last four years sefer.


Mustafa Ak, who saw one of the most important problems of Keçiören when he came to office, laid asphalt all over the district in 5 years. As a result of the studies carried out for the first time in the district municipalities by using an asphalt scraping machine, the streets that no longer remove patches have also got new asphalt. Keçiören Municipality, which did not dispose of the materials resulting from the asphalt excavation, evaluated the asphalt fractures by using the streets whose infrastructure was not completed. The pavement works of the Municipality of Keçiören, which gained the great appreciation of the citizens with its infrastructure services, were registered as a standard by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). Thus, Keçiören Municipality has achieved European standards in its infrastructure works.



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