The junction is plugged into the cable

Intersection cable: One of the projects that will significantly relax the urban traffic in Trabzon, and the ongoing ongoing court of the Reşadiye Bridge Interchange Project this time the cable barrier was caught. While hundreds of cable works from the main transformer of the city have been disrupted, Selahattin Bayramçavuş, the regional director, is digging wells with a needle. Cable like human hair. We do a separate transaction for each. We want to complete the work and open the intersection in two months. İki
Trabzon City Crossing Reşadiye Junction in the crossroads carried to the court and the work carried out at the crossroads in the region due to the transmission of energy transmission lines are interrupted.
Highways 10. Regional Director Selahattin Bayramcavus, Reşadiye junction is progressing slowly about the work, said: ağ Reşadiye junction in the underground there are a lot of electric cable line. Maybe the 1 has 10 cable on the square meter. Therefore, it is very difficult to produce there without even touching them. We can't work at night because of this problem. We have to work during the day. We're just sliding a well with a needle. We have just finished the front of the Football Federation Facilities. We work very hard there too. We use very technical apparatus to prevent leakage of cables. Someone is holding the cable with that apparatus and puts it aside. We're cutting gold, we're placing it. We're closing. We're in trouble here. That's why we never made it. Or we've already opened the junction. We could pass through the junction even though it was rotating. But we can't, Ama he said.
Stating that the court between the petrol station and the municipality did not affect his work very much, Bayramchavus said, çalış The case is going on between the municipality and the owners of the property. We got stuck in the cable bar. The main transformer is Trabzon's main transformer. From there, the human hair comes out of the cable and spreads everywhere. We work without touching them, without harming the cables and our employees, and trying to complete the intersection. Alhamdulillah we have finished one side. Now we're coming this way. Of course traffic is very intense. It's a factor. Manufacturing progresses very slowly, but the intersections are over, İmalat he said.
Bayramcavus stated that they planned to finish the works in 2 and open the intersection. I 3 does not go until the month. First we will pass through the lane on the right. After that, we are thinking of giving the transition from the sea-side lane, though. On



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