Karsta Logistics Center Uncertainty Makes Citizens Uneasy

The Uncertainty of Karsta Logistics Center Makes Citizens Uneasy: Citizens are not worried about the plans to be made parallel to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) Railway line in Kars in the process regarding the Logistics Center.

Logistics Center, which has been on the agenda since 2011 or not, is missing the peace of the people of Kars. Karslılar stated that the Logistics Center was built in Erzurum and that it was about to be completed and said that a step should be taken regarding the Logistics Center.

BTK Railway line is coming to the end of the stage, although there is apparently no work related to the logistics center makes Kars think black and white.

Since the logistics center in Erzurum will be completed simultaneously with the BTK Railway, large companies selling goods to the regional provinces and countries of the region will direct their investments to Erzurum. In this case, even if the Kars Logistics Center is finished within a few years, citizens will not have much function, said the steps should be taken about the Logistics Center.

Stating that the Logistics Center will be an important factor in the development of Kars; “We want to take certain steps regarding Logistics Center. First it was said to be held in the village of Mezra. Now they say to be held in the Organized Industrial Zone. Logistics Center in Erzurum is about to be completed. In particular, we want the authorities to do something definite about the Logistics Center..

On the other hand, Kars Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Fahri Othergen, meeting with members of KARSİAD recently brought up the Logistics Center.

President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fahri Othergen; Çalış Work has started to make our city a logistics center. These studies have reached a certain stage with the dynamics of our province (Institutions and Organizations) with the proxy. First of all, we have to terminate our logistic center demand. Afterwards, it is certain that the free zone conditions can be examined and projected and finalized in line with their contributions to our city. However, we should not forget that we have a logistics center project to be completed. Everything is OK with us Logistics center investment in Erzurum is now to finish the investment, we have only rumors and expectations. Logistics Center Project should be completed as soon as possible. Otherwise, we think we've been deceived. Lojistik

KARSİAD Chairman Murat Dereci and members of the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Fahri Othergen in order to accelerate the project and recording the stage, In this direction by inviting other dynamic institutions of our province 2 logistics center and 2 number of provinces that are free trade zone It was decided to conduct another meeting on the agendas after the visit and to continue the works in that direction.



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