Highways 13. District Manager of Altiok Campus Found on the Road

13th Regional Director of Highways Altıok Investigated on Campus Road: Antalya Highways 13th Regional Director Şenol Altıok made examinations at the AÜ Korkuteli Vocational School campus upon the invitation of the members of the Education Culture and Health Foundation (KEKSAV) in Antalya's Korkuteli district.
Korkuteli Education Culture and Health Foundation Secretary-General Cevat Alp 13. Regional Director Şenol Altıok, under construction, has made observations on the road to the campus building of Akdeniz University. Sixok, 10-12 meter-wide road in the form of variants would be more suitable and within the possibilities of their work in front of the building with the construction of machinery in the building said. Reviews of Highways 13. He worked with Deputy Regional Director Ruhi Özgen and asked for the necessary projects to be delivered to them.



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