K Proof of Authority Again YTSO Will Give

K Entitlement Document Again to Give YTSO: Do not F Certificate of Authority of the room, which was canceled a while ago the process of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry and Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) signed between it was announced that given the protocols re room.
YTSO President Tahsin Becan said, "Our citizens will no longer have to go to the surrounding provinces".
After the protocol was signed between the ministry and TOBB, YTSO started to issue a K Authorization Certificate again. Making a statement on the subject, YTSO President Tahsin Becan said, “K Authorization Certificate, the 'Road Transport Law' dated 10 July 2003 and numbered 4925, issued by the Ministry of Transport, entered into force and published in the Official Gazette No. 25 dated February 2004, 25384. Road transport activities have been regulated in accordance with the EU acquis in accordance with the Regulation Amendments and the relevant Implementation Instruction.
In addition to this, 4925 Transportation Law, which is designed to provide transportation and security, to determine the rights and responsibilities of all the institutions and organizations engaged in transportation, to ensure that the road transportation is complementary with other transportation systems, to control and use the existing facilities in a more useful way. is the document required by the regulations.
This document is called the Certificate of Authority. A protocol was signed between the Ministry of Transport and TOBB on 4925 in accordance with the Road Transport Law No. 21.09.2005 and the Road Transport Regulation issued based on this. K made an application to TOBB on 05.01.2010 for the issuance of the authorization documents by our Chamber. TOBB notified our Chamber that our request was accepted with the letters dated 16.02.2010 and numbered 4433, and as a result of the decision taken at the Board of Directors meeting dated 18.02.2010 and numbered 53, a protocol was signed between Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry and TOBB to issue a K authorization certificate.
10.05.2010 was issued on 10.05.2010 for the first time as a room and 28.12.2013 issued X Authorization Certificate between 1.033 and 3.303. However, with the decision of the Constitutional Court, 08.11.2012 and 2012 / 173, the 4925 article no. 35. K has revoked the editing of the Authority Powers.
The aforementioned cancellation decision entered into force as of 28.12.2013 and the issuance and Registration of K Authorization Certificates were transferred to the Transportation Regional Directorates again, and since 28.12.2013, both our Chamber members and other vehicle owners have not been able to serve. The Protocol between the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and TOBB regarding the execution of K Authorization Certificate Work and Transactions by the Chambers was renewed again on 30.04.2014 and the authority to issue a K Authorization Certificate was again given to our Chamber as of 09.05.2014. From now on, our vehicle owners will not have to go to Bursa to obtain a K Authorization Certificate and will be able to easily obtain this service from our Chamber ”

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