Etis was shown in humanitarian logistics

Etis has been shown as an example in humanitarian logistics: Etis Lojistik is one of the big meetings of the sector, 3. LODER Founding President of the National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress. Dr. It was shown as a case study by Mehmet Tanyaş.
Etis, which is an ambitious player in the sector that provides integrated services in transportation, storage and terminal services, also specializes in humanitarian logistics. With its works and investments in this field, 3 is the leading company in the sector that brings together the logistics and supply industry and this year is gathered with the theme of öne innovation lar. National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress.
Etis, who has been working on humanitarian aid logistics for two years and entered the sector with the agreement signed with the Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) at the beginning of this year, is quite ambitious.
In the 15-17 May 2014 event in Trabzon, Etis Logistics, which attracts attention with its works in the field of disaster logistics, was held at the National Logistics and Supply Chain Congress. This year, the main theme of innovation in the congress; Founding President of Logistics Association (LODER) and Head of International Trade and Logistics Management at Maltepe University Dr. In his presentation titled is Regional Disaster Logistics Warehouse Design., Mehmet Tanyaş talked about Etis Lojistik that specializes in disaster and humanitarian aid logistics. In his presentation; Tanyaş pointed out the importance of disaster and logistics in order to help disaster victims affected by emergency and disasters, and efficient and efficient management of resource logistics. He also discussed disaster logistics, transportation and storage of shelter materials after the disaster.
Prof. Dr. Etis presented the logistics solutions in the AFAD project on container warehouse investment as a case study. Storage of container materials inside the container, referring to the fact that the shipment of containers within the container is faster and safer than the sheltered systems.

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