Russia's ammunition depot exploded Trans-Siberian Railway closed for a short time

The ammunition depot exploded in Russia Trans Siberian Railway was closed for a short time: the munitions depot burned in Russia, which is experiencing tension with the West due to the crisis in eastern Ukraine. The explosion in eastern Siberia caused at least one 10 death.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said Tuesday evening that the explosion took place near the town of Bolshaya Tura, north of Mongolia. According to the statement, an uncontrollable fire led to the explosion of the ammunition tank.

On Wednesday morning, 10 body was found in a truck. The truck was killed because of an explosion that broke out of the warehouse. 17 people were injured in the explosion.

More than a thousand people in the region were evacuated because of fire and explosion. A portion of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which extends from Moscow to Japan, was closed for a short time.

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