Primitive Ropeways Danger

Primitive Ropeways Throw Danger: Rize Chamber of Mechanical Engineers President Metin Bıçakçı, who declared that the primitive ropeways, which are used extensively in the Eastern Black Sea and called 'Varangel' in the region, pose a great danger in terms of life and property safety, evaluated the primitive cable cars as 'living bombs' he said it should.

Rize Chamber of Mechanical Engineers President Metin Bıçakcı, who made statements about the primitive ropeways that reached 10 thousand in Rize and 20 thousand throughout the region, said that they aimed to draw attention to the danger of varangel that caused many fatal and injured accidents with the report they prepared by researching the issue. Bıçakcı spoke as follows

The surveys clearly show that these ropeways are built in primitive conditions and have no standards. The arrival of the ropeways is not properly used and the mechanism of the ropeways is not smooth. The nature conditions in our region are mountainous and rugged. Under these natural conditions, tea transportation from the fields is not normally. Naturally, our people use the ropeways they build in primitive conditions with the materials they obtain from the market. These ropeways are not only carrying loads, but our people are riding. This also adversely affects the safety of life. Every year there is an accident that results in the death of 5-6. These ropeways should be removed from the primitive conditions and attached to a certain standard. Each ropeway must be checked by the technical staff and the conditions must be stated. Unfortunately, no such thing is done.


Prepared in the report in the 13 title to warn about the prevention of accidents Bıçakçı said, continued the description.

'At least there must be a person in charge of the cable car. Children should not use the cable car. Cable cars should have cabin and cabin doors. Before use, warning and warning procedures should be done. Unfortunately, the carrier steel wire is not selected properly or in suitable diameter, these wires are not changed after a certain period of time, and the protectors at the head and the bottom are not equipped with the necessary flexible system, unfortunately, causing accidents. Misuse took the first place in our analysis of the causes of accidents. Rope break, pulley imbalance, electric shock, platform and load drops are also among the causes of the accidents. Ropeways need to be checked every year. In fact, a certain standard can be set for ropeways by contacting the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) .ö


Blade, huh? Tea ropes, wood and log meet with ropeways. There is a source of danger, when it will not come. The source of the danger, you go under you. It's like a live bomb. It's up to us to defuse these live bombs. They should be prevented as much as possible through the routes under the route, he concluded.

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