Great Danger on Abant Road

Great Danger on Abant Road: Abant, which is a wonder of nature, is visited by thousands of people on weekends. About a kilometer from Abant, the road crash is a great danger. There is still danger due to the re-collapse of the asphalt paved by highways.
Abant, which is one of the many wonders of nature, preferred by thousands of local and foreign tourists, is about to lose its title due to the collapsing road. One kilometer from the Abant tolls due to heavy traffic, the road crashed because of the landslide, giving the drivers a hard time.
On Saturday, the road crashed as a result of a major collapse. On this action, the highways teams tried to repair the road by making patch work on the collapsing road. However, the asphalt pouring into the collapsed ground began to collapse again yesterday. Despite the fact that there are warning signs on the road with slippage, there is still danger.



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