Göztepeliler does not want the historic station to be demolished

Göztepeliler does not want the historical station to be demolished:KadıköyThe news that Göztepe Train Station, which is shown among the historical buildings of the city, will be demolished within the scope of the Marmaray works caused reactions from the citizens. KadıköyThey want the century-old building to be restored in accordance with its original.

The station building, which was built in 1871, has been serving citizens for nearly 100 years. The fate of the historical station within the line to be renewed within the scope of Marmaray works is not known. The news that Göztepe Train Station is among the historical stations to be demolished KadıköyIt also made people nervous. Restaurant manager Ahmet Özer, who stated that the historical building should be restored rather than demolished, said, “I have had a restaurant here for 18 years. This is a beautiful historical building. I do not believe it will collapse. If it was to be demolished, they would have asked me to evacuate this place. The information I have received is that the building will be renovated in accordance with its original. This place also has moral value for us. We have memories here. We don't want it to be destroyed. " said.

Levent Sezen, who runs a bakery next to the station, said, “There are some sensations that the station will be demolished. There is no logic in the collapse of historical buildings. The century-old building is very neglected. It can be reproduced in accordance with the original. Aesthetically pleasing structure. Such buildings are preserved all over the world. Why should it collapse? " he spoke. Another citizen, who said that he had lived in the same neighborhood for 40 years, said that the building was neglected and that it should be rebuilt in accordance with the original.

By the way, Haydarpasa-Gebze commuter treh line 19 does not serve since June 2013 date. Pendik-Haydarpaşa commuter line is being renewed due to Marmaray and high speed train projects. In 2018, there are 16 stations between Pendik and Haydarpaşa. It is stated that a large part of the stations in the historical buildings will be demolished.



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