Gölcüke Modern Beach Bridge

Gölcüke Modern Beach Bridge: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality has combined the two giant parks of Gölcük with a modern bridge. The modern pedestrian bridge built between Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa and İhsaniye Beach parks, which was brought to Gölcük, which was flooded by the earthquake, became ready for use.
The existing bridge between Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Park and İhsaniye Beach Park on the Kavaklı coast of Gölcük will be dismantled because it is both old and cannot meet the needs. The new and modern steel bridge with a length of 140 meters will be connected to the İhsaniye Sahil Street and Altıncan Street. Within the scope of the study, one thousand 200 cubic meters of excavation filling, 174 tons of steel bridges, 270 cubic meters of concrete, 20 piles, 65 tons of ribbed iron, 2 edge pillars, 60 m3 stone wall, 350 tons of plant-mix foundation, 520 tons of asphalt, 300 meters of border, 850 Square meter pavement was manufactured. Asphalt works have been completed in İhsaniye Sahil Caddesi and Altıncan Street. After the lines are drawn, the road will be opened for use.



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