Historical Stations Museum and Cultural Center

Let the Historical Stations Become a Museum and Cultural Center: The history of the idle state falling within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train and Marmaray study Kadıköy How train stations are evaluated remains uncertain. In the written and visual media and social media networks, after the reflection of the news that Kızıltepe, Feneryolu, Erenköy, Suadiye and Bostancı stations will be demolished, Kadıköy The municipality is preparing to bring up the demand for the preservation of the historical and cultural assets of the relevant stations and their evaluation as museum-cultural centers.

After the news of the written and visual media about the collapse of the 6 historical station between Haydarpaşa and Bostancı, which lost its function as a result of the high speed train lines carried out by DLH Marmaray Regional Directorate, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications has announced that the stations and related buildings will not be demolished. no information was shared with the public.

KadıköyStations are Not Ownership!

The news of the collapse of the 6 historical station between Haydarpaşa and Bostancı, which is a registered cultural entity, once again raised the question of how to use these stations once again with the works carried out at Göztepe Station. The common demand of all Istanbulites is the preservation of the stations as cultural assets and reintegrating them into cultural centers of their neighborhoods.

Stations, “With the decision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Istanbul 5 Cultural Heritage Preservation Board dated 15.10.2010 and numbered 2864, the buildings in question are located on 240 island, 1 parcel together with their buildings“ 1. It has been registered as “Group Cultural Property”, Kadıköyguarantees the immunity of the stations.

Nuhoğlu: ac We will take the historical stations N

Stating that they are followers of the related process Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu; “The Cultural and Natural Heritage Conservation Board has registered that all stations on the railway have a historical identity and are therefore artifacts that need to be protected. Therefore, these stations cannot be demolished and nothing else can be done. Our foundation

Our aim is that the station of each region becomes a museum-cultural center line by taking the opinions of the citizens in that region. We also Kadıköy As a Municipality, by making the necessary initiatives before the Ministry of Transport and KadıköyWe will protect these works by informing them. ” Said.

Kadıköy Municipality is Preparing for New Application

The Ministry of Transport does not have a project on 6 historical stations and sub-buildings Kadıköy He mobilized his municipality 4 years ago. Kadıköy On 7 July 2009, the Municipal Assembly forwarded its requests to the Ministry of Transport, which was prepared by the proposal of the writer-museologist Sunay Akın, who was a member of the parliament at that time, to be converted into a museum or cultural center as a “Culture Line”.


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