Gebze-Halkalı suburban line 2016 is up to the year

Gebze-Halkalı the suburban line is up to 2016: Gebze - which will be 'improved' within the scope of MarmarayHalkalı commuter trains will be delayed by one year due to location changes. The flights will start in 2016.

Gebze- Halkalı Inter-suburban lines improvement project will be delayed due to the mandatory change of location at some stations. According to sources close to the Spanish OHL who undertook the project, train services may start in 2016.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Gebze Söğütlüçeşme and Kazlıçeşme, whose work has recently become the leg of the MARMARAY Project.Halkalı devotes to the improvement of suburban lines between. The Ministry of Transport is meeting with the Spanish OHL, which has undertaken the tender for the improvement of suburban lines. According to the information leaked from the meetings, the project will be delayed for a while due to these changes. According to sources close to OHL, even train services can start in 2015 instead of 2016.

When the project is completed, suburban lines and metro lines will be added to MARMARAY. Gebze-Halkalı uninterrupted management will be started. The number of lines from 2 on the surface will be increased to 3, 2 of them will be used for suburban operation and 1 of them will be used to serve intercity trains and high speed trains. Thus, a more efficient train management is aimed. When the project is launched, from Gebze Halkalıcan be reached in 105 minutes. When all the stages of the Marmaray project come to life, the total line length will be 76 kilometers.

Within the scope of the contract, cable, signal, kataner, line dismantling and traverse and ballast lifting works were completed on the 20 kilometer route between Gebze and Pendik. The design works for the 11 station, 63 art structure and the line length route in this area have been completed to a great extent. Excavation, filling, art structures, retaining walls and station construction activities are still going on.


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  1. 2016 is not new to the year, but continue to shoot

  2. You closed the beautiful suburb in June 2013. For 3 years, the Anatolian side of Istanbul has been destroyed on the roads. Thanks to them, I spend 3 times more time in traffic than usual. Since the high-speed train leaves from Pendik, why don't they open this suburb between Gebze and Pendik?