Gaziantepe Smart Junction

Gaziantepe Smart Junction: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin continues its practices to reduce the transportation problem of Gaziantep people by adding new ones to the junction projects that have been initiated to solve the traffic problem of the city.
As the Mayor of Gaziantep, he stated that one of his important projects was to solve the traffic problem.
Fatma Sahin announced that they are aiming to complete the smart junction by the end of May. Şahin said that the camera installation system and traffic management center building at 12 intersection will be put into service soon. Pointing out that the infrastructure equipment at other intersections are ready, Şahin stated that the 21 intersection infrastructure work is over and planning works are continuing at the 6 junction. The first stage of the 27 intersection that will be built in this way Sahin, pilot junction Çetinkaya junction determined, the trial work is good, he added.
Emphasizing that after the end of the project, the city's transportation will be improved by 30 percent, Şahin said, “With the completion of the geometrical calculations and infrastructure applications and the introduction of all intersections, the functional capacity of the intersections will increase by about 30 percent. In other words, the number of vehicles passing in the green light will increase compared to the previous one. ” The system includes automatic adjustment of movement times depending on the traffic density of the vehicles waiting at the junction…



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