Citizen Response to Construction of the Road in the District Center of Gaziantep without Ending the Environment Road

Before the completion of the Gaziantep Ring Road, Citizen Response to the Construction of the Road in the District Center: The measures not taken in the renovation works carried out on the double lane road passing through Gaziantep's İslahiye district cause loss of life. Before the ring road is completed, one lane of the double lane road in the district center is closed and the traffic is given from a single lane in both directions, and it is a danger that heavy tonnage trucks are traveling in this one direction quickly.
The 24-year-old, who was seriously injured by a motorcycle driver hitting a truck the previous week, was taken to Gaziantep State Hospital and taken to intensive care, and passed away after 4 days in intensive care. Again, a truck traveling fast from the city center hit a woman named Hayriye Yücel, who wanted to cross the street. The elderly woman, who was seriously injured, was taken to the hospital with the vehicle of the police as a result of the delay of the ambulance. It was stated that the situation of the woman who was referred to Gaziantep State Hospital remained serious.
Citizens reacted to this dangerous traffic flow in the city center and said, “Why the road works passing through the city center before the end of the ring road was started. First they would finish the ring road, then they would make the road in the district center by giving the traffic flow to the ring road. What a hurry? Iler
Citizens, who reacted to the traffic teams, who almost ignored the hundreds of trucks traveling rapidly on the road passing through the city center of the district, said, “Are we going to pay the price of the service with our blood? Let's say, on political calculations, you started the construction of the road in the city center before the ring road was completed. Hundreds of heavy tonnage trucks pass through the city center at full speed a day. So what has traffic done so far? They expressed their reactions by saying, “They are at least as plagued as politicians”.

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