Technical Support from Michelinden for Formula E


Michelinden Technical Support to Formula E: French tire giant Michelin, operating in the tire industry with more than a century of experience, was chosen as the most suitable manufacturer for Formula E with its previous studies in the field of technical equipment and sustainable mobility. When it comes to energy-efficient tires and motorsport, Michelin proves its difference in every medium and accelerates the efficiency and performance of pilots with Pilot Sport EV developed for Formula E.
Michelin Pilot Sport EV, which is an unprecedented tire in the design of single race vehicles, brings with it many innovations. Introduced at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013 for the first time, the internal diameter of a single-vehicle vehicle series was designed for the first time in 18 inches to provide energy efficiency with the Pilot Sport EV. The Michelin Pilot Sport EV, which makes a difference with its specially developed tread pattern, gives pilots a safe driving experience on both wet and dry roads.
Michelin Motor Technology Manager Pascal Couasnon emphasized that Michelin offers a technology journey from tracks to roads with special technologies developed for races. Michelin's technologies in the field of motor sports also contribute to the design of road tires. A laboratory area for motorsports Michelin. We have two laboratories that we use effectively in Michelin. One of them is the 6 Technology Center, which has more than one thousand employees worldwide, and the other one is motor sports. These two working areas feed each other. The technologies we have developed for motor sports are being used in the development of Michelin road tires. Motor
Sport Versatile ”Michelin Pilot Sport EV
With the Pilot Sport EV, Michelin has developed a solution that allows competition on both wet and dry roads to reduce the number of tires used in races. Vehicles racing in Formula E compete with a specially designed tire designed to tackle all weather and road conditions they can face thanks to the multi-way tire technology.
Another distinctive feature of the Pilot Sport EV is mas Velvet technology tekn, which uses the micro-geometry technique that absorbs light, creating contrast in the outer cheeks and creating superior performance. Velvet technology is also available on the cheek side of the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 458 tires, developed specifically for the Ferrari 918 Speciale and Porsche 2 Spyder.
Narrower and longer 18 inch tires
Pilot Sport EV, which is designed to be narrower and longer compared to single race car tires, generally offers less rolling resistance to the pilot. In this way, when the tire rotates, Pilot Sport EV reduces the area in contact with the ground and creates less friction and increases the efficiency and performance of the vehicle.

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