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for sale by owner in Bursa highway: For the motorway, do not be surprised, by having interesting explanation from Bursa-Izmir highway may be closed here you get information Turkey
Mehmet Sait Bademlioğlu, who claims that approximately 10 meters of a strip of Bursa-İzmir highway passes through the land of his father's title, put this land on sale. Bademlioğlu said that his relatives, who researched on the internet, notified that he passed the parcel registered in Karacabey district on behalf of his father, who passed away in previous years. Bademlioğlu stated that he learned that this was true in the research he made in the official records, and said that some part of the land of 40 thousand meters remained in the direction of going from Bursa to İzmir. They told us to give negative answers and wait. We saw that it was not as if it was going to happen, but at the end we went to the law path. I intend to legally use and sell my property right. If it is demanding, come and see, "he said.


Mehmet Sait Bademlioğlu's lawyer Özgür Çelebi stated that this parcel, which was transferred to his 3 brothers from his fathers, was bought by the family of Bademlioğlu in 1976. the single parcel is the Karacabey entrance intersection of the Bursa-İzmir highway. This road has been occupied for about 38 years without expropriation. We made our applications to the relevant institutions, but although the title holders of the place were certain, we were not taken seriously in any way and we were not invited to discuss about expropriation. At the request of the heirs, we announced the sale of the field. If there are buyers, we are ready to talk to the person who is in demand at any moment At least let money enter the pocket of highways. Because we have repeatedly applied to the Highways, 'Pay us the price for this'. We are open to all requests from third parties, except highways. Karacabey entrance of Bursa-İzmir highway is for sale. We have a place of one thousand 40 square meters. Çelebi stated that they have applied to the Governorate, District Governorate and District Gendarmerie Command to close the road. We have submitted our petitions to the relevant institutions stating that we will block the road. The victimization that will arise here is definitely not related to us. ”

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