Ring Road Study in Kusadasi

Peripheral Highway Study in Kuşadası: The first part of the ring road and bridge interchanges carried out by the highways in Kuşadası was completed.
The first part of the studies in the Kuşadası-Kuşadası-Selçuk-Söke motorway section, which caused the strong reaction of the residents of the highway and the residents of İkmiçeşmelik, was completed because of the discussions that will not be held before the tourism season and the closure of some connections. 5 has been closed for months because of the Selçuk-Kuşadası-Söke highway Kuşadası ring road connection was reorganized, asphalted side roads were opened for transportation.
Following the completion of the first part of the Kuşadası ring road works, Kuşadası District Governor Muammer Aksoy, Kuşadası Garrison Commander Ferhat Aslan, Kuşadası Police Director Mustafa Topal and the municipality, AYDEM and TELEKOM officials visited the company's construction site. During the visit, which was attended by the Deputy Regional Director of Highways Gençağa Karakaş, the Highways Control Chief Ercüment Doğan and the Road Construction Site Chief Fatma Çanakçı, District Governor Aksoy received information from the authorities about the continuation of the work.
Noting that the ring road has been closed for 5 months due to the works, Kuşadası District Governor Muammer Aksoy said, “The roads we closed in November were among the most important points of Kuşadası. That's why we had a very difficult process in road construction. But with the very important cooperation of those found here, we opened our way to traffic again. It was very important for us to finish the road. I would like to thank the highways, the company that made the application and everyone who contributed. Collaboration is the best work here. All organizations did a good job, putting the public interest first. I hope we show this in all areas. I wish these works to be beneficial ”.
Gençağa Karakaş, Deputy Regional Director of Highways, said, “On behalf of my organization, I welcome everyone. The most vital and important part of the project was in Kuşadası. We had planned to finish this job with minimal discomfort. Our district governor pioneered and supported us. With the support of our municipality, AYDEM and Telekom, we have completed most of this work. We also had an unfortunate accident while doing this job. We thank all of Kuşadası. Approximately 300 of our tradesmen experienced victimization during our work. I think we partially compensated for the victimization of our tradesmen with the ways we opened yesterday. I thank our victim citizens for their understanding. "We will quickly complete the remaining parts of the project," he said.
Meanwhile, Kuşadası Mayor Özer Kayalı also conducted inspections on the roads opened by the deputy mayors and the deputies of the municipality and in the areas where citizens had problems.



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