Elbeylide Asphalt Works

📩 24/11/2018 12:49

Asphalt Works in Elbeyli: Mehmet Metin Karakuş, the Chairman of the Provincial Council, examined the asphalt works carried out in Elbeyli's villages on site.
The Chairman of the Provincial Assembly Mehmet Metin Karakuş, together with the Provincial Assembly Member Adil Kılınçoğlu, visited the village of Aşağı Beylerbeyi, where the asphalt works continued.
President Mehmet Metin Karakus, connected to the center of the villages and villages connected to the problem of the road will be solved by expressing a program, in particular, the General Secretary of the Special Provincial Administration Mustafa Bolat, the Governor of our province Solomon, the support of the Provincial Assembly and the Provincial Administration staff with the zealous work of the road problem We will solve. We began to focus on road works with the warming of the weather. Our asphalt works continue. Hopefully this summer period will be a good part of the road problem will be solved well, '' he said.

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