Eastern Black Sea Railway

Eastern Black Sea Railway: The dynamics of the city related to the "Railway" project, which we have been on the agenda for a while in Trabzon, after making statements for a while, it was surprising that they were silent again. While conveying the importance of the Eastern Black Sea Railway project to our valuable readers every time, it is seen as meaningful that some focuses do not make a sound after making a dry statement just to make their own advertisements.


The reason why Trabzon was not added to the Silk Railway project, which was brought to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kars, is still not explained. It is a matter of curiosity why Trabzon, located on the main route of the Silk Road, is not included in this project. Citizens in Trabzon claim that some companies engaged in logistics transportation in the region do not want this road not to come.

Transportation ministry officials in the East Black Sea Railway in a way to explain the relevant annoyance while maintaining a position in the region only in the year 4 year running in the factory outside the factory factories 30 month of this factory can not invest in the iron rail is also said that the XNUMX factory.

If you, our dear readers, want to leave Eastern Black Sea more peaceful and happy to future generations, you can fax the Ministry of Transport to 0312 212 49 30 "Eastern Black Sea Railway is Waiting" ...

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