Düzce Governor Ali İhsan Su Examined Asphalt Works in Akçakocada

Duzce Governor Ali Ihsan Su Akcakocada Asphalt Studies Investigation: Düzce Governor Ali İhsan Su, Akçakoca Kınık Village starting from the village center through the Kirsli Village 4 thousand 700-meter road asphalt pavement work on the site examined.
Düzce Deputies Fevai Arslan and Osman Çakır, Mayor of Akçakoca Cüneyt Yemenici, Akçakoca İGM members Ayfer Yılmaz and Dursun Çakır, Ak Parti Akçakoca District President İbrahim Bilgin and Düzce Province Special Provincial Administration Governors Ali İhsan Su, inspecting hot asphalt works on site asphalt pavement of the road 69 km. said it would be.
It will be learned that the Kınık-Kirazlı stage in Akçakoca will be completed within a few days, and from Monday onwards, it will be stated that Xnumx will be pouring hot asphalt for one thousand meters to Arabacı Village line which is the second stage. 5 cm. Governor Su, who examined the asphalt pavement at the site, said, incel We started the asphalt working season in our city. Our asphalt will be poured throughout the province 10 km. and all as hot asphalt. Hopefully we will finish these works in a very short time. We are trying to finish the programs coming from both Köydes and special administrations in a short time to make our drinking water better. We are trying to do what is best for our citizens. In our province, we established the hot asphalt plant last year and started our work. This year, we are paving our roads with hot asphalt, I hope our citizens will not suffer a long way about the roads, '' he said.

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