The world's best airline Emirates

Emirates, the best airline in the world: Connecting people and venues, Emirates has been selected as the “best airline in the world” by business passengers.
At the 2014 Business Traveler (ME) award ceremony held this week, Emirates was deemed worthy of the "best first class" and "best business class" airline, as well as the "best airline in the world" awards.
“We strive to ensure that our customers receive a worldwide service at every step of their journey,” said Thierry Antinori, Emirates Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer. We make great investments to introduce the latest products on our aircraft, and our multinational cabin crews make every effort to provide a privileged service. We are honored that our efforts were noticed by the respected business travelers of the region ”.
Emirates was the most award-winning airline
In the 2014 year, Business Traveler (ME) awards were presented at a gala dinner with aviation professionals, while the winners were determined by the readers of the magazine.
Along with manufacturers and suppliers, Emirates continues to be the leading provider of flight experience, delivering the most advanced services to its guests, including Wi-Fi and mobile phone connection for on-going passengers.
With the exclusive passenger lounges at 35 airport and the free driver transportation service provided by XNUMX to meet the needs of business travelers, Emirates has invested heavily in creating a perfect and stress-free travel experience.
Emirates 130 provides an unforgettable and personalized travel experience to customers from different nationalities with the approach that forms the basis of service with 18.000 cabin crew from the country.
With the world's largest fleet of Boeing 777 and A380s, Emirates has reached 218 modern aircraft and flies to 80 destinations in 141 countries. Established in 1985 and bringing people, cities and passions together, Emirates has won hundreds of awards for its products and services, making it one of the world's most successful airlines.



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