Railway damaged in the accident in Dörtyol, Hatay is being repaired

In the district of Dörtyol in Hatay, after the accident in which a truck carrying fuel oil crashed into the passenger train at the level crossing, 1 person was killed and 9 people were injured, the railway is being repaired.

A truck crashed into the passenger train from Adana to İskenderun district at the level crossing in the Delta Junction of Yeşilköy town of Dörtyol district. As a result of the collision, the crude fuel oil in the truck caught fire. In the fire that broke out, truck driver Ömer Üçgül (39) lost his life.

The two 9 train passengers, who were slightly injured by the impact and were affected by the dense smoke, were taken to the hospital by the first aid teams and were taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the railway damaged after the accident is being repaired by TCDD teams. The teams, who continue to work on the way to reach the railway, make landscaping along the line.

Eyewitnesses said, “We were sitting at home, we suddenly heard a big explosion. Flames were rising when we looked out onto the balcony. They said, "There were three explosions in a row."

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