High reaction to price in railway transportation

High price response in rail transport: Denizli Chamber of Industry President Müjdat Keçeci complained about high prices in rail transport. Stating that the industrialist carried his product at a cheaper price than the railway, Keçeci asked the State Railways to make a reduction in freight transportation prices.

Chairman of Denizli Chamber of Industry Müjdat Keçeci, Term of Merchants Industrialists and Businessmen Platform sözcüHe received his position from the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Necdet Özer. Stating that the completion of the Kaklik Logistics Center by spending 12 million liras is a very important development for the industrialist in Denizli, Keçeci criticized the high prices in railway transportation.

Keçeci said that it is pleasing that the Logistics Center, which is expected to be completed for years in the transportation of the products exported from Denizli to Izmir Alsancak and Aliağa ports, has carried a ton of cargo from Denizli to Ailağa for 16 dollars by truck, but this cost has increased to 18-20 dollars by train. . Advocating that State Railways should reduce prices in freight transportation, Keçeci said:

“While I transport a ton of freight from İzmir's Aliağa district by train for 18-20 dollars, I have it delivered by trucks for 16 dollars. Also, I'm making three transfers when I'm bringing it by train, I'm wasting time. I bring it by truck without a transfer. Should rail transport or road transport be cheap? The State Railways must put its hand on its conscience and calculate accordingly. If we can transport this cargo, which we transported to Izmir Port for 15-20 dollars, for 10 dollars, I claim that Denizli industry will grow twice. The industrialist is as much himself as the money he gives for transportation. kazanit doesn't.

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