D-100 Highway blocked, miles of queues

The D-100 Highway was blocked, a queue for kilometers formed: When the TEM Highway passing through Kocaeli's Gebze district was closed, vehicles formed a queue for kilometers on the D-100 Highway. The D-77 Highway, which was offered as an alternative after the TEM Highway was closed to traffic for another 100 days, was locked due to the holidaymakers who took to the roads due to the intervention of the May 19 holiday. Drivers who stayed on the road for hours reacted to this situation.
The D 81 Highway, which was used as an alternative due to the 100-day closure of the Kocaeli location of the TEM Motorway, was locked for a long time due to the merging of the May 19 Festival with the weekend holiday. The traffic flow of the D 100 Highway in the Istanbul-Ankara direction has been locked from the Gebze entrance. Drivers were enraged by this situation. Many citizens said, “Why didn't the authorities take action for this? The TEM Highway should be built, but why are we being victimized? " reacted with his words. However, there were also those who were satisfied with this situation. Some peddlers preferred to sell food and drink to passers-by.

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