Chinas iron silk road will hit Turkey

Tile will hit Turkey's iron silk road: the open service China's Wuhan-twine-European Railway, the country's second largest market opportunity to provide fast delivery of goods to Europe. TUSIAD Board Member Osman Boyner on the visit to China, in the opinion of the railway will threaten Turkey. Boyne, after returning to Turkey 'iron silk road will be under the spotlight.

Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TÜSİAD) in China at any time we are getting new information. We went to Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, in the middle west, to see China's strategy of reducing regional disparities. According to the capital, Beijing, Chengdu, air pollution is relatively low. China supplies the 75 of electricity by burning coal. The sky is gray with the effect of toxic gases coming from thermal power plants and factory chimneys. If the weather is rainy, acid can precipitate from the sky. Umbrellas are ready in the bag to protect against both sun and acid rain. The Chinese government is focusing on renewable energy investments such as wind and solar energy to reduce pollution that threatens human health. In addition, while the construction of the 15 nuclear power plant is in progress, it is said that there are more new projects in order.

Chengdu is positioned as the center of renewable energy and technology. Salaries are very low compared to the coastline. In the last 10 year in China, fees in the eastern and southern part increased more than the 10 floor. Average net wages of over $ 400, the minimum wage to be passed to Turkey. Central government encourages investments in cities such as Chengdu, so that the increase in labor costs does not put pressure on exports. Apple's iPad is produced by the Chinese Foxconn in Chengdu. In the city where one of the two iPads sold in the world is produced, Intel has facilities. Boeing, Airbus and American United Techonologies and General Electric (GE) have chosen the same address. One of China's largest state-owned company and Dongfang Electric Corporation alone has the capacity to produce more electricity from Turkey (DEC) we visited turbine production facilities in Chengdo. The facility is built on an area of ​​1,8 square kilometers. Wide roads crossing the middle of the facilities. All kinds of turbines that produce small and medium sized turbines are the most competent example of China replacing the technology required for energy. They produce suitable equipment at every price on Italian and German machines. They sold turbines to Turkey. They must have noticed that we were walking the path that they were going through, so they wouldn't let them take pictures and video. They must not like to be imitated when the copy goes to the economy of innovation.

China is increasing the appeal of Chengdu. Transportation alternatives are being developed to ensure the fastest delivery of the goods produced. The freight train departing from Wuhan reaches Poland on 15 days in Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus. In this way, transportation is shorter than the 30 days according to sea transportation, while the cost does not exceed one fifth of air transportation. October is the same line opened in 2012. As the customs clearance proceedings increased and the costs exceeded the figures in the feasibility reports, the train services were stopped. The Chinese government has met with the countries on the route to a significant extent and the flights have started again.

One of the employees to understand what is happening TUSIAD Board Member Osman f.boyn is, in the opinion of the railway will be opportunity for China will threaten Turkey. Because of Turkey's Chinese "iron silk road of the need to follow attentively. If the Chinese authorities use it effectively, China will be able to deliver fast goods to Europe, the second largest market in the world. Such a development in Turkey's exports 'closeness to the market' will be the most important advantages, such as the hand. If we had completed the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars connection line, which is shorter than the mentioned railway, we would be more comfortable. Osman Bey, his return to Turkey Wuhan-twine-European Rail Road said to revolve around trade receivables under the spotlight. The officials of the International Trade Promotion Council (CCPIT), Osman Boyner, said: Destek If you open an office in Xinx in Chengdu, we don't rent a year. Then we get $ 80 rent a year 2 thousand. N The enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the Chinese rulers is enthusiastic.

According to Boyner billion in imports 25 3,6 billion dollars correspondingly, the trade deficit resulting from exports and foreign direct investment from China to Turkey decreased by pulling tourists. The number of investors coming to Turkey in recent years 10 count the fingers of two hands. When the company acquisitions and mergers are included, China's investment in abroad only last year is 90 billion dollars. Turkey could not even get it 1 percent share. Osman Bey answered the question as to whether the data were so promising to compensate for the foreign trade deficit with the identity of TÜSİAD Foreign Relations Committee Chairman: cevap It is necessary to have more frequent contact with the Chinese Investment Corporation (CIC) Wealth Fund, which allocates 450 billion dollars of assets to foreign investments. It was our most difficult date. We've been working for years. They don't make an appointment. They're trying to hide. They said they were open to listening. They say they are investing on funds. Da While these words are meaningless for hot moneymakers, they are motivated by either transferring technology to China or buying a world brand or producing cheap raw materials / products. It is not the result of good decisions to buy Swedish Volvo and make mining investments in Africa. 3 where China sells the most goods. Turkey in the country, you can not promise what the above framework for direct investment or what? This is the water we need to focus on.

The Chinese might say this: “If you want to know your past, look at your current circumstances. If you want to see your future, look at what you do today. Lar Our journey to understand China continues.


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