Kanal Istanbul Project Canceled

Channel Istanbul Prize Has Been Canceled: Was the Kanal Istanbul project canceled, which Prime Minister Erdogan never mentioned in the local elections?

Before the 30 March local elections, while talking about the 3rd bridge project in Istanbul, Marmaray and Çamlıca Mosque at the AK Party's rallies, there was no mention of the Kanal Istanbul project, which was called the "Crazy Project" and caused the opposition, especially with the environmentalists.

Today, a news was published under the signature of Erhan Öztürk in Sabah newspaper, which is known for its closeness to the AK Party Government. It was stated in the news that 4 giant artifacts will fly Istanbul. However, it did not go unnoticed that Kanal Istanbul was not among these works.

Here is the news ...

The construction of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge between Poyrazköy on the Anatolian side and Garipçe on the European side continues at full speed. The foundations of the bridge, whose foundation was laid in September 2013, are about to be completed. In addition to the rising feet of the bridge among the fog cloud, feverish work is being carried out on a 24-hour basis in the connection areas. In the construction, which is planned to be completed in May 2015, the bridge legs exceeded 200 meters at the construction sites in both Poyrazköy and Garipçe. When completed, the 59rd Bosphorus Bridge, which will have the title of the widest suspension bridge in the world with a width of 3 meters, will be the tallest bridge in the world with its main span from the tower to the tower of 1408 meters and the height of the tower legs of 320 meters.

The legs of the bridge will rise parallel for about 60 meters. From 60 meters to 320 meters, they will follow a route that converges to each other so that they merge at the top. Thus, the 3rd Bridge legs will give a scissor look when viewed from afar. The 3rd Airport Project continues full throttle despite all blocking attempts. The project, which will be among the largest airports in the world, will host 150 million passengers a year when it is completed. Turkey will bring an important crossroads for the world's 3rd airport, is scheduled for completion in 2018. airport will be designed to be independent of each other six tracks, as well as the Istanbul giants league Turkey to insert a 'hub', that will make the center point.

In the past months, four people applied to the Istanbul 4th Administrative Court, on the grounds that the new airport project to Istanbul will destroy agricultural areas, adversely affect natural life, accelerate climate change, destroy forest areas and damage drinking water basins, had asked for the suspension and cancellation of its execution. Upon the decision of the court, which decided to suspend the execution of the EIA positive decision on January 21, the Regional Administrative Court, which is a higher court, lifted the 'suspension of execution' decision last week. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan also announced the working schedule of the third airport in the past days. Erdogan said, “Can you imagine that the world's largest airport will be built, in the top three. They will not be able to block this. Because it is unlawful to block it, it is against the law. We'll put them out and our dozers will work there thumping. I am giving a date at the end of April and the beginning of June ”.

The minarets of Çamlıca Mosque, which is about to complete the rough construction of the library and conference halls, will also rise after 1.5 months. Hundreds of workers work day and night for the mosque built on Camlica Hill. The mosque, which is expected to give a new look to the silhouette of Istanbul on Çamlıca Hill, is built on a plot of 57 square meters. 500 people will be able to worship at the same time in the mosque, which has a parking lot for 3 vehicles, a conference hall for a thousand people, a library of 40 square meters, an art gallery of 2 thousand 750 square meters, a museum and art workshops of 3 thousand 435 square meters. There will also be a botanical garden, walking paths, viewing and resting places within the Camlica Mosque. After praying on the walking paths, those who come to the mosque will be able to walk barefoot on the dirt track and relieve stress. The total cost of the project is 10 million lira. The dome height of the mosque, which will be opened for worship in 950, will reach 37 meters. A total of 500 cheers will be built in 135 minarets.

The Eurasia Tunnel covers a route of 14.6 kilometers. While the 5,4-kilometer part of the project will be built under the sea floor, a two-storey tunnel will be built, while road expansion and improvement works will be carried out on a total of 9.2 kilometers on both sides. The work started with the tunnel boring machine produced in Germany and called Yıldırım Bayezid continues. Bayezid proceeds by digging the soil and forming inner walls about 25 meters below the sea floor.

The work on the Eurasia Tunnel Project, which will reduce the travel time between Göztepe and Kazlıçeşme from 100 minutes to 15 minutes, the foundation of which was laid by Prime Minister Erdoğan last February, continues at full speed. With the project to be completed in 2015, both sides of the Bosphorus will be connected by a road tunnel for the first time.



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