Ceva Lojistik Rewarded Human Investment Award

Ceva Lojistik Receives the Investment Award for Humanity: CEVA Logistics, the first logistics company that has embraced the identity of eler People investing in people katkı, received Yap Exemplary Employer ğı award in the night that yenibiris.com rewarded the corporate members who contributed to employment for eight years.
As a result of the evaluation of the business and human resources website yenibiris.com among its corporate members in Istanbul, the companies were awarded in different categories. In this direction, the companies that were awarded in the categories of Employment Leader of the Sector, Rising Employer Brand of the Year, Fastest Growing Company of the Year and Sample Employer were announced. In 2013, CEVA Logistics Human Resources team responded to the applications 100% and received the Employer of the Year Award. CEVA Human Resources Specialist Merve Şipkati received the award on behalf of CEVA Logistics. In her assessment, “This award is an indication of the value our company attaches to Human Resources processes. We have added another one to our awards by succeeding to receive the Employer of the Year award, organized by Yenibiriş.com, the first of which we were entitled to receive last year. During the year 2013 Yenibiris.com published all the candidates who applied to our ads by responding to the Employer of the Year, "we have been awarded the right." He said.
Pointing out that CEVA's most valuable asset is Human Resources, Şipkati said, “The results of Yenibiris.com's 2013 year show that we have successfully implemented the HR application evaluation process. The more valuable our employees are to us, the more valuable everyone is to be a potential CEVA employee by applying for a job. We evaluate the job applications of the candidates within the framework of our recruitment criteria, and inform themselves about the process by responding positively and negatively. "said.



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