Tea overflowed

Tea overflowed, the highway was closed to traffic: The rainfall effective in the Kargı district of Çorum caused the Karaboya Stream to overflow.
Flood due to the Kargı-Sinop highway close to the traffic around 2 hours, drivers had a hard time. The land brought by the flood waters along with the flooding of Karaboya tea, which is 6 kilometers away from the town center, caused Kargı-Sinop highway to be closed to traffic.
The road that provides transportation between Kargı and Sinop connects the village of 30 to the district. With the road closing, the drivers stuck on the road about 2 clock reacted to the event.
Driver Recep Çetin, stating that he constantly uses the Kargı-Sinop highway, said, 'Even in a little rain, the road is closed due to the soil brought by the tea, and we are stuck here for hours. Many villages use this road. What will we do if we have an emergency patient?
Truck driver Ahmet Yanık said, 'We have been carrying excavation transportation using this road for months. The road closes to traffic for hours every time it rains. This is why our work is hampered. We want the highways authorities to find a solution to this. "If a culvert was built here, so many people would not be such a victim on these roads," he said.
After the rain, in the rain, the teams of the Municipality of Kargı, work machines, as a result of the work lasted about 2 hours opened to traffic again.

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