Bursaray Kestel station opens on Saturday

Bursaray Kestel station opens on Saturday: Kestel station opens on Saturday The 7th station Kestel, which is the last stop on the east stage of Bursaray, opens on Saturday with a small ceremony attended by Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç.

Kestel station opens on Saturday 7th station Kestel, which is the last stop on the east stage of Bursaray, opens with a small ceremony next Saturday.

We learned that a simple opening was planned with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç and media members, who are expected to be in our city for the repeat of the local elections to be held on Sunday, June 1 in Yalova.

We talked to Murat Oztimurlar, one of the partners of the contractor Öztimur, who handed over Kestel, the last station to be built, to the Metropolitan Municipality the day before.

Murat Öztimur is happy to finish the job as a company in Bursa.

Considering that Bursaray's first stage was completed by the German Siemens-led consortium with international lawsuits such as arbitration, we actually care about the 7-stop eastern stage to be completed by a local company, albeit sagging.

Because, even a construction company of Bursa origin completed the project without any foreign support and the Metropolitan Municipality used domestic resources for the whole phase.

We can say that the Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the eastern stage of Bursaray with the loan provided by Iller Bank, has also signed a first in this sense with the contractor.

Also. It can be incorporated in Bursa firm with experience obtained in eastern Turkey on other stages across the rail tender was opened up.

Rail system producing tool DurmazlarFollowing the Tl tender in Bursa, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's taking the wagon tender can be shown as an example.

The Eastern stage is a first for both the company and the local administrations of Bursa.

While finding Öztimurlar'1, we also asked the reasons for the delay in the stage.

Murat Oztimur attributes this situation to the fact that the tender is not made as a whole.

For example, pedestrian pavements, road layouts, overpass mounting and disassembly are made to different companies, and problems such as expropriation and site deliveries pend off the workflow.

Oztimur. “In the beginning, we predicted a 2-year period when leasing the construction site for the Kestel stage. The period extended to 5-6 months. Of course, we can say that developments outside of us are the main factor, ”he says.

Bursaray, together with Kestel, completed the flow in the city's main axes for now.

Terminal in the coming months. It is expected that there will be a tender for the tram called T-2.

We learned that Öztimurlar will also participate in the tender for this line.

Bursa hotel is competing ...

Bursa in recent years in the sense of hotel investments have been attacked.

World brands were brought to Buisa one after another.

One of them is Corwne Plaza.

We occasionally have dinner at Crou / ne Plaza Oetili, owned by Öztimurlar as a group with our journalist friends.

At the dinner the previous evening, we learned that the hotel was accepted as candidates for the "World Luxury Hotel Awards Competition" in 4 categories including customer satisfaction.

Crowne Plaza General Manager Mehmet Kalyoncu said that they are the only hotel in Bursa that has been accepted to the voting that will start on June 9 in mobile environment.

Kalyoncu explained that they reached a 2 percent occupancy rate in their hotels that were put into service 75 years ago, and they even started sales in 2015.

So there is no more hotels in our city.

Unlike. More hotels will be needed with the thermal facilities planned by the Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa Governorship.


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