On the Bursa Teleferik line, sand bagged flights end

On the Bursa cable car line, sand bagged expeditions end: The world's longest-range air vehicle, the Bursa Ropeway, came to the end of its trial flights with sandbags.

Teferrüç-Kadıyayla-Sarıalan between the 4 thousand 980 meter-long route will start the voyage of the Bursa cable car with the sand bags to the end of the trial voyages. One of the iconic buildings in Bursa, the ropeway was scheduled to be held as of May.

Turkey's first manned aircraft which was redesigned and 1963 years of service in the cable car began following closely the work of modernization Bursa Cableway Inc. Okan Kalyan, Board Member, said, Yönetim We have reached the final stage of the construction of the cable car from Bursa to Uludağ. There are also finishing touches for the 3 station building. Brake tests of the ropeway system, weight tests with sand sacks, and station entrance exits are tested. Approvals and certificates are received by the authorized institutions regarding the reliability of the system. 95% of tests have been completed up to now. Thank God we didn't face a hitch. I think we will start carrying passengers in May. Mayıs It was learned that the construction of the facilities came to an end and new modern buildings would serve after the finishing touches.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:30

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