Bosnian railways seek assistance after devastating floods

After the devastating flood disaster, Bosnian railways sought assistance: The damage caused by the flood after the heavy rains that affected the Balkans last week caused Bosnia to call for emergency assistance at the international level.

After heavy rains last week, the worst flood disaster of the last century led to massive destruction in the Balkans. Floods killed thousands of people, and thousands of people from their homes. On the other hand, damage to goods will occur over time. Of course, the railroads were also greatly affected.

In Bosnia, Srpske Republic Railways (ŽRS) called for an emergency international emergency. TedirRS currently states that it is impossible for them to remedy the existing damage. Therefore, they want help from the relevant units all over the world in order to put their trains back into operation.

The urgently needed materials are machines for balancing UIC 60 and S49 type rails, ballast, wood and concrete sleepers, line and catenary maintenance tools, road vehicles and sets. In addition, office furniture and related IT equipment are needed as it also destroys flood offices.



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