Azerbaijan Railways Locomotive Procurement Tender Alstom Kazanoutside

Azerbaijan Railways Locomotive Procurement Tender Alstom KazanDi: A contract for the supply of 50 KZ8A 8.8 MW type electric locomotives for Azerbaijan Railways was signed between ALSTOM and Azerbaijan Railways (ADY). The locomotives to be procured under a 300 m € contract will operate at 120 km/h and will haul freight wagons weighing up to 9000 tons. The locomotives are equipped with asynchronous traction motor.

The installation of the locomotives will begin in 2016 at the EKZ facilities in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. EKZ is an Alstom, Kazakhstan Ironworks (KTZ), and Transmashholding, Russia Cooperation company. 12 According to the statement made in May, the share of Alstom in the contract is 150 m €.

The contract includes a warehouse construction, technical support and maintenance and personnel training, and the issue of how to procure them will be finalized in the next six months.


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