Skiing on asphalt

ski training in Asphalt: Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of wheelchair skiers, Turkey is preparing Wheel Ski Championship for asphalt.

The 25 athlete, who is studying at the Individual Sports Center, is working on safe roads, which are found in the company of coaches, since there are no skiing tracks in the city.

At times when traffic is quiet on the pavement about 20 kilometers slidably engaged in training athletes, will be held on June 20, Uludag Ski Championship in Turkey will participate in the Wheel.

Bülent Kayhan, one of the trainers of the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, told the AA correspondent that the skiing is a winter-based sport, but during the summer, the athletes should do the training.

Kayhan noted that the athletes do their winter training at Abalı Ski Center in Gevaş, but they do wheeled ski work on the asphalt in order to prevent the condition from falling in the summer.

Kayhan remarked that there are important achievements in wheeled skiing, said:

"The main purpose of the training is to prepare athletes Wheel Ski Championship in Turkey. Students attend training after school and work on the asphalt for about 1,5 hours. We use the Van Castle and İskele neighborhood roads where the traffic is calm during the works. On weekends, our jogging and wheel-skiing trainings continue. Under normal conditions, this sport is performed on custom made bicycles and roller skates. Because we have such a facility in Turkey, except for a few metropolitan Rollin 'in the appropriate and safe place. "

Kayhan, who stated that they have completed their daily trainings with the precautions they have taken and the athletes following the bike at a certain distance, stated that they had been wearing helmets and knee pads in the studies.

Kayhan noted that the athletes climbed asphalt after the basic training they received and stated that they believed their work would be positive.

- "The athletes came to the very best place by skiing"

Expressing that there are 140 athletes active in skiing, slalom and snowboard branches, Kayhan stated that 400 skiers have come to very good places in Van with skiing.

Kayhan also coaches in Van Turkey reminiscent of the championship, said:

“Many of our athletes in this branch got very good grades. Recently, two of our students have been entitled to participate in a large organization called the Stars Olympics. 3 students went to Turkey this organization. One of these athletes joined the organization from Erzurum and the other two from Van. In addition to this, we have a degree in Turkey Gap Winter Games and championships. "

Kezban Taş told Kantban Taş that she met 12. She said that she has been skiing for 6 years.

Stating that he has participated in many races so far, Taş said, “I have returned with various degrees from the championships I attended. We are working hard to prepare for new races. Our training continues both on weekdays and on weekends. Our goal is to return to Van in Turkey with a good degree of Wheel Ski Championship, "he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:31

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